Johnny D’s Bees and Bees In The Heart of Texas join in Saving 1 Million Bees

In a heartwarming collaboration aimed at preserving the vital pollinators of our ecosystem, Johnny D’s Bees has joined forces with Bees In The Heart of Texas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Together, they have launched an ambitious campaign to raise $10,000 to save over 1 million bees from perilous situations. A Buzzworthy Cause: Bees are essential […]

Johnny D’s Bees Presents Beekeeping Classes in the Heart of Texas

Johnny D’s Bees, a beloved name in the world of beekeeping and honey enthusiasts, is taking its passion for pollinators to the heart of Texas. Offering an exciting opportunity for those eager to dive into the world of beekeeping or simply deepen their knowledge of honeybees, Johnny D’s Bees is set to host a series […]

Hello Beehive, Membership Is Now Open.

Once upon a time, in a quaint little neighborhood nestled in the countryside of the San Antonio, there lived a man named Johnny D. With a heart as sweet as honey, Johnny had a passion for two things: bees and crafting exquisite honey products. He had spent years tending to his bee colonies, perfecting his […]

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